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Janmor700The main concept of the project was to create a small, cheap but fully functional and stylistically aesthetic displacement houseboat made of p/s laminate which can be transported on the underboat trailer. Despite the small size, the boat looks really spacious since the cockpit and big wheelhouse are located on one level, thanks to which there is a big room divided only by big glass 3-segment sliding door closing the  wheelhouse.  Intensely “glazed” wheelhouse allows the steersman together with all the crew to watch the surrounding during sailing, stopovers, rest time, preparing and eating meals etc.

JANMOR-700 is suitable both for outboard and inboard Diesel 10-40 horsepower engines. Optimal engines are 20 – 30horsepower ones.
The hull is meticulously designed in terms of hydrodynamics and displacement sailing with the speed up to ca. 12 km/h. In the bottom of the hull, apart from the keel strip, there are two side keels protecting the bottom, improving the directional stability and manoeuvrability and decreasing the diagonal swaying.  On a flat surface, the boat stands stably on the keel and side keels without any supports, which helps in its after-season storage and transportation.  A draught of hull in its bow part is minimised to facilitate approaching shallow water shore whereas in the bottom of the hull in the stern part there is a half-tunnel to hide and protect the screw propeller. In a variant with Diesel inboard engine, the screw propeller and rudder are additionally protected metal groin from the bottom. In the bow part, a tubular rudder may also be installed to facilitate harbor maneuvering. In the bow cabin, there is a comfortable shipowner’s bank for 2 persons together with bathroom and toilet, either chemical or “marine” one with sewage storage tank. On the left-hand side of the wheelhouse  there is a dining space with a table whereas on the right hand side there is a kitchenette with a sink, cooker, fridge and the helmsman chair. Under the dining area and the wheelhouse’s floor, there is a diagonal bank for 2 persons. It is possible to arrange additional sleeping space in the dining area after the table top is lowered and the mattress put on it. To freely communicate between the cockpit and the boat’s bow, an asymmetrically located deckhouse is in place, thanks to which there is a comfortable and safely deep passage on the right boat side whereas on the left boat side there is only a narrow emergency passage. The hull is deeper in the bow part in relation to the boat sides, which creates the feeling of safety and enables comfortable sitting on the bow cabin deck. There are metal bow rails around the deck and handrelings on the  wheelhouse’s roof. The cockpit with the L-shaped seats and on the right hand side, an added table has a stern exit closed with a little gate and in the cockpit bottom and under the seats there are covers of seat lockers. Stern platforms with  swimming ladder and stern anchor seat may be installed on the transom whereas  a little platform, ladder and bow anchor handle may be installed on the bow. The wheelhouse is covered with the roof extended towards the stern, under which you can place rolled canvas elements of a tent for the whole cockpit. The hull’s sides  have big longitudinal windows brining light to the bow cabin and bathroom; light and ventilation hatches are placed on  the wheelhouse’s roof. Under the bow bank, wheelhouse’s floor  and cockpit, there is technical space housing: fuel, water and dark water tanks, boiler, batteries, water and bilge pumps etc.
Since the speed of displacement JANMOR-700 does not exceed 15  km/h, no motor boat license is required  in Poland. The boat was designed by the established design company Centkowski & Denert Design Studio with over 140 boats and yachts projects in its portfolio; they successfully designer, among others, popular houseboats such as SunCamper-30  , Balt-818 Tytan and a variety of motor boats Merry Fisher and Merry Fisher Marlin  manufactured in Poland for the renowned French company Jeanneau. Manufacturing a houseboat with an experiences company - JANMOR is a guarantee of high quality and durability with a competitive price at the same time.




Hull lenght 7,08 m
Total lenght with the
swimming platform
8,00 m
Hull width 2,75 m
Hull draught  0,40 -0,55* m
Height in cabin
1,95 m
Engine (outboard or inboard)
10 – 40 HP
Weight without engine (apx)
1600 kg
Weight with engine (apx) 
1700 - 1800* kg
Water tank 
80 -200 L
Fuel tank
60-120 L
Dark water tank (option)
25-40 L
6 persons
Number of berths
5  ( 6 )
Design Category
Centkowski & Denert Design Studio
* for the boat with inboard (diesel) engine